A Crucible of Fire and Steel

Book Two of Heirs of War


Available in paperback, hardback, eBook & audiobook.

Sent to unknown lands on a mission to save Dalriya, Sanc must find his feet fast if he is to survive. As he discovers others who share his powers, he becomes embroiled in the conflicts of this new world. What is Sanc prepared to do, to defeat Ezenachi?

Back in Essenberg, Liesel is still at the mercy of her brother and the witch, Inge. As the Empire slides towards civil war, she must find a way to change the course of events. Before it’s too late.

Peyre, now Duke of Morbaine, will do anything to rescue Liesel from her predicament. But what price will he pay to save the woman he secretly loves?

Belwynn Godslayer. A legend thought long dead. More dead than alive, in truth. But once destiny has its claws so deep, it rarely lets go.

The futures of kingdoms, empires, and the peoples of two worlds hang in the balance in book two of Heirs of War. Featuring new adult character journeys, bloody medieval battles, warring states, and dark sorcery.