A Reckoning of Storm and Shadow

Book Three of Heirs of War


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A Clash of Gods and Champions.

A Reckoning of Storm and Shadow.


Sanc continues his quest to unravel the mysteries of the gods of Silb. But will the answers help or hinder his mission to defeat Ezenachi? And what awaits him upon his return to Dalriya?

Peyre and Liesel have played instrumental roles in Esterel’s conquest of the Brasingian Empire. But will their victories make a difference when the inevitable confrontation with Ezenachi and his enslaved armies arrives?

Amidst a tapestry of soldiers, dukes, kings and queens, emperors, and champions, the destinies of two worlds converge in the epic culmination of the Heirs of War series.

Prepare for the riveting journeys of new adult characters, brutal medieval battles, warring states, and dark sorcery.