Part Two: The Empire of Brasingia

Symbol: The Stag with seven antler tips

The Empire of Brasingia is the dominant human polity in Dalriya, occupying a central position in the continent and controlling most of the Great Road. It is made up of seven duchies: Kelland, Rotelegen, Luderia, Atrabia, Gotbeck, Thesse and Barissia. Each has their own ruler, styled duke, except for Gotbeck which is ruled by an archbishop, and Atrabia, ruled by a prince. When the imperial throne becomes vacant, the seven dukes elect the successor from amongst their number.

The Brasingians won independence from the Persaleian Empire and some twenty years later four of the duchies united, electing Manfred the Great, Duke of Kelland, as the first emperor. Luderia joined soon afterwards and Gotbeck & Atrabia were incorporated more recently. Baldwin, Manfred’s great grandson, is the fourth emperor of Brasingia.


Brasingia has some of the largest cities in Dalriya

Essenberg – capital of Kelland, and currently, of the Empire

Lindhafen – capital of Thesse

Witmar – capital of Luderia

Guslar – capital of Rotelegen

Coldeberg – capital of Barissia

Burkhard Castle – a fortress, built on two giant crags, in the north of Kelland


Ruler: Emperor Baldwin, Duke of Kelland

The Dukes: Ellard, Duke of Rotelegen; Arne, Duke of Luderia; Coen, Duke of Thesse; Emeric, Duke of Barissia; Godfrey, Archbishop of Gotbeck; Gavan, Prince of Atrabia

Baldwin’s advisers/noblemen: Rainer, his chamberlain; Decker, Archbishop of Kelland; Gustav the Hawk, Archmage of the Empire; Walter, his brother, Marshal of the Empire; Hannelore, Empress of Brasingia

Characters: Moneva, Dirk, Gervase Salvinus, Rudy, Jurgen, and many more, are Brasingians