Part Three: The Caladri

The Caladri are a people who inhabited Dalriya before humans came. Strong in magic, but few in number, they are generally human-like in appearance, but with clawed feet and what humans perceive as a bird-like walking gait. Most Caladri inhabit the central, forested parts of Dalriya. A long time ago the Caladri divided into four separate realms and now live apart with their own rulers and society.


The four realms are known as the Grand Caladri, Blood Caladri, Shadow Caladri and Sea Caladri. Even the largest Caladri settlements are small when compared with human cities.

Edeleny – capital of the Grand Caladri

Onella’s Temple – a sacred building in Edeleny

Mizky – capital of the Sea Caladri



Ruler of the Blood Caladri: King Tibor

Characters: Prince Lorant is Tibor’s son; Princess Hajna is Lorant’s wife; Szabolcs is a wise man

Ruler of the Shadow Caladri: King Dorjan, an ally of Erkindrix

Rulers of the Grand Caladri: Elders Odon, Agoston & Dorottya

Characters: Ignac, a wizard; Kelemen, a regional governor

Rulers of the Sea Caladri: the Council

Characters: Sebo, a sea captain