Part Four: The Krykkers

Like the Caladri, the Krykkers consider themselves one of the first races of Dalriya. Unlike them, they have never strayed from their homeland of rock and mountain. Krykkers can be found on either side of the Lantinen Sea, in Dalriya and Halvia. They date this division to the Cracking of the World, when their hero Bolivar the Great defeated the Isharites.

Krykkers resemble humans in many ways, though they have a distinctive, naturally armoured chest area which makes them easily identifiable. They tend to be broadly built and have a reputation for being tough and hardy. They do not have wizards and frown on the use of magic. They have a deep connection to the rock of their homeland and rarely leave.

There are several clans amongst the Krykkers, each with their own chieftain. No ruler is set above the clan chieftains. If the clans need to act together, they call a Great Moot, where they come together to discuss their concerns.


Krykker settlements are small. If they have cities, no-one else in Dalriya knows about them

Kerejus – a mountain in Dalriya where the Krykkers have their Great Meeting Hall


Rulers in Dalriya: Torinac, chieftain of the Dramsen; Maragin, chieftain of the Grendals; Guremar, chieftain of the Plengas; Hakonin, chieftain of the Swarten

Rulers in Halvia: Crombec, chieftain of the Pecinegs; Wracken, chieftain of the Binideqs

Characters: Rabigar Din, Kaved and Stenk are Krykkers