Characters from The Weapon Takers Saga


​I had a blast designing these models over at the Hero Forge website, they really help to bring some of the characters from this series to life. Here are eight key characters who find themselves working with each other on a quest to find Toric’s Dagger.


Belwynn. Her telepathic link with her brother, Soren, places her at the emotional core of the story. She is pictured with a lute, indicating her musical ability.



Soren. Belwynn’s twin is an ambitious wizard and a leader. Here he is carrying a staff and has produced a burst of flame in the palm of his hand.


Clarin. I think this figure captures his power but also his good-natured personality.


Herin. Clarin’s older brother is also a fearsome warrior, but not so smiley.


Rabigar Din. Rabigar is a Krykker, a race unique to this series, but I still think this figure represents him well.

Elana. Weaponless, the priestess Elana invites you to join her religion.


Gyrmund. His tracking skills prove very useful, and once he has an enemy in his sights he is a mean archer too.


Moneva. I think this stealth mode is a great pose for Moneva, wielding her twin short swords.